Bayen ka Kuan

Bayen ka Kuan

Amroha’s name comes on every person’s tongue as soon as Shri Vasudev Tirtha Tigri Dham and Dargah Shah Vilayat are mentioned. There is another specialty here which is now only recorded in the pages of history. Amroha was also called the city of wells. Their existence disappeared over time. The most important of these was the Left well, which was built in the 12th century by Prithviraj Chauhan’s sister Amba Devi. Amba Devi was the landowner of Amroha at that time. Well-preserved historical heritage is also losing its identity due to lack of proper maintenance. This step is located on the Bijnor road in Kuan Amroha near the spinning mill in the village Razzakpur in the north-west direction. Locally it is known as Beam Kaun Kuan.

Outside water does not go to the well

In Hinduism, digging wells and ponds, etc. was considered a work of virtue. Therefore, this well was constructed by Amba Devi for the betterment of subjects. The well is made of sandstone and stone. The depth of the well is about 30 feet while its diameter is about 15 feet. The design of the well is such that rain or outside water cannot enter inside. The well has 30 steps to reach the lower water level. There are two verandahs of three gates on either side of it. They have open doors one by one. There used to be water till 30-40 years ago, but now it is not so.

Well under the patronage of the Department of Archeology

Given the historical significance of two decades ago, the Archaeological Department took it under its protection. The ancient heritage team found broken stones in place of ancient heritage. Even today people from all over the country reach to see this well. According to Gazetteer Moradabad, it is also called Wah-Ka-Kuan or Bawan Kuan.