Dargah Bhure Shah

Dargah Bhure Shah

The Dargah Bhure Shah Amroha is situated in the shadow of the Red Fort. Fifty-five years ago, when someone first visited it, it was not a very well maintained place, but the temple was later rebuilt and looked better than ever. In 1962, Pir Yasin Baig, a Sajjadanshin or hereditary caregiver of the Dargah, was a staunch man who used medicine every morning for a whole line of women who came to him for treatment of various diseases, especially those children.


Syed Khwaja Sadruddin Shah came to Delhi from Amroha at the end of Jahangir’s reign and settled on a mound in front of the ruins of an Afghan fort. When Shah Jahan chose the site for the construction of his Qila-e-Maula, he asked Pir to move to some other place. But the saint refused despite the threat. It is said that whenever soldiers arrive for eviction, he either disappears or throws them under the mound with his mystic powers.

Bhure Shah, who got the nickname because of his “brown” or fair complexion, was the son of another great saint, whose temple is located in Amroha. It is said that upon seeing his father, his father asked him to look for a settlement at some other place in Amroha as Amroha was too young to keep them both. So Bhure Shah came to Delhi. But his father had to contend with another holy man in Amroha who cursed that he would be cremated with scorpions.

Visitor information

The Dargah Bhure Shah is situated on Joya Road Amroha and the distance between the Amroha City and Dargah Bhure Shah is 24 km.  You can get a taxi, a city bus, or a three-wheeler near Delhi ISBT or railway station at the airport which will take you directly to the temple.