Industrial Areas Of Amroha

About Industrial Area

The industries of the town are still in their growing age and most of them are small and medium scale industries. It got its name after the king of fruits, mango, and a variety of fish popular in India called Rohu making it obvious that mangoes must be grown in abundance in the town. There are many areas in Amroha that are known for growing mangoes. There are many groves of the delicious fruit in the town. Varieties of mango that are produced in Amroha include langda and dasehri, both of which are extremely popular breeds loved by all Indians.The oldest industries of Amroha include pottery, cottage industry that include dholak manufacturing and agriculture. People here are also involved in Katholi, manufacturing of wooden toys and hand-loom weaving. Modern industries include cotton industry, kaleen or the carpet weaving industry and beedi, a type of handmade cigarette industry. Carpets of Amroha are known for their fine quality. It is not only has demands from across India but are also exported to many countries around the globe.Like most of the cities in Uttar Pradesh, Amroha too has quite a few sugar mills. Sugarcane is grown in large quantities in the neighboring villages of Amroha which is process into sugar for domestic and commercial consumption in these sugar mills.

Industrial Areas

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