Majaar Shah Vilayat Sahib

Majaar Shah Vilayat Sahib

In the spiritual city of Amroha, the great historical Place Majaar Shah Vilayat Sahib, is a famous living-miracle that still bears witness to the spiritual status of Hazrat Sharafuddin Shah Wilayat as a change of nature of an insect . On their pilgrimage. Everyone knows that stinging is the nature of a scorpion. But in the premises of the Dargah of Hazrat Shah Vilayat, there is no scorpion sting, no matter if it was used earlier. Even people can take it for a defined period and even staying away from the temple will not be deducted for that period.


This change of insect behavior is attributed to the spiritual status and highness of Shah Vilayat.

Amroha houses the Dargah of Sharafuddin Shah Wilayat, known as Dada Shahvilayat for the residents of Amroha. There is a reason behind this familiar address, (p Dada ‘Pitrabhakta’) because the people of Amroha are descendants of Shahvilat. The saint is widely known for deadly black scorpions that can kill with small attacks, which protect his temple.

One tradition states that when Shah arrived at Vilayat (RA) of Amroha, Hazrat Khwaja Geso Darja Rahmatullah Aleh, a Sufi from a nearby area, sent him a kuha (cup) filled with water, which filled his presence spiritually was. Shows. . Hazrat Shah Wilayat smilingly put a rose in that bowl of water and returned it.